Custom tooling from A-2 steel to meet customer specifications. The teeth fit into customer part, and the hex end is held firmly by a magnetic 8mm socket.
Custom machined and pressed brass bushings, with shoulder bolts turned in house to match customer’s.
AL6061 mirror substrate, approximately 9” x 3” x 5/8” thick, both sides milled flat to under 0.0005 inches”
Precision standoff for an electronics manufacturer.
Go-kart foot pedals designed and machined for Precision Performance Karting.
Marine motor mounts, designed and machined by Pro-Mac.
Stainless steel laser sintered Tesla turbine mounted on directing plates and shaft.
Polishing tool for multiple lenses being inspected on our CMM.
Custom testing fixture
Knurled, hard rubber part advancer for a bottle production line.
Aluminum conveyor guards fabricated for a local distribution facility.
Alignment pins installed on a 2018 JL. Designed at Pro-Mac, available for purchase at Off-Road Concepts.
Jeep door alignment pins. Designed at Pro-Mac, available for purchase at Off-Road Concepts.
Pro-Mac Sharpie Holder – Custom finish, magnetic back.
AK-47 hand turned custom suppressor mount.
Custom machined aileron bushings.
Bore gauge we made for a customer. 8.9741″ ± 0.0002″ accuracy.
Another bore gauge, accurate to ±0.0002″.
Bore gauge analysis on our Mitutoyo CMM.
One-of-a-kind Cribbage Board designed and machined at Pro-Mac.